Wildlife Tracking

Discover wildlife tracks and sign, and learn to interpret the stories that they tell. Tracking is considered the first science. Its importance was paramount to our ancestors survival. A native trackers understanding of the landscape and its animals is unparalleled, even by our best scientist. Tracking will greatly increase your awareness and relationship with our wild allies. Though wild animals are not often seen, they leave so much (like tracks, scat, rubs, trails, etc…) for us to identify and interpret. Come learn to see with new eyes and begin to gaze into the lives of the wild animals around us. Below are the 2016 courses and programs being offered.

2016 Programs:

Feb 20 @ 9:00 am – May 22 @ 12:00 pm Open to All Ages
Who made those scratches on that tree? Who left those prints in the sand? How can I tell a coyote or bobcat track from Fido the dog? What is the difference between a trot and a lope and why should I know? Come out for a couple hours on a weekend morning to explore these questions[...]