Feb 17 2016 – Dec 30 2017 all-day
One-of-a-kind, Meaningful Adventures for your 8th Grade Graduation Trip. Check out the great synergy that we blend with Waldorf philosophy into our dynamic, heart-centered, wilderness expeditions. We can help you with your 8th grade graduation trips.   We run quality programs that are filled with fun, adventure and also honor the individual.   You will find that[...]
Dec 30 2016 @ 7:26 am – Dec 31 2017 @ 8:26 am
The Living Earth CIT, leadership training program is an awesome opportunity for veteran campers, who love the LES programs.  This intensive leadership training will give them the skills to not only be a great camp counselor and leader, it will teach them life skills for other professional pursuits.   They will learn the ins and outs[...]
Sep 17 – Dec 17 all-day Boys and Girls Ages 8 - 15
New program in Charlottesville! Give your child an important breath of fresh air during the often busy school year. These Sunday Camps keep Nature Connection alive in our students throughout the year, and are held within the caring support of our skilled Nature Mentors! This co-ed program will run seasonally (fall and spring) for boys and[...]
Jan 10 – Feb 14 all-day Ages 8+
  If survival and living off the land is your thing, then join us for some Wintery Homeschool Adventures and put your skills to the test! Join us for: Fire making, crafting, hanging out in our tipi, making our own winter-hardy shelters, tracking animals through snow and winter mud, finding springs in the forest and making[...]
Jun 18 – Aug 17 all-day Ages: 7 - 12
Voted the #1 Day Camp in Charlottesville! The Living Earth Day Camps are a one-of-a-kind nature camp experience. We have been voted a favorite summer day camp for over 7 years!!  We will spend the week exploring the mountains, streams and other wild places. Campers work together in small groups learning about the natural world,[...]
Jun 24 – Aug 11 all-day Ages: 8+
Earth Roots is our foundation overnight camp, designed for both new and returning campers.  Get back to your roots and learn the philosophy of living close to nature, wilderness survival, and nurture your connection to the earth.  We will explore the surrounding forests, swim in mountain streams, as we discover more about the magical world[...]
Jul 1 – Jul 6 all-day Ages 11+
Have you dreamed of making and shooting your own handmade bow and arrow? This is for real and this is your chance to do it! 1 year of Earth Roots is a prerequisite for this overnight camp. This is a camp that has been requested over the years.  There is a limited amount of space in[...]
Jul 29 – Aug 3 all-day Ages: 12+
This camp is for campers who have attended at least one year of Earth Roots. In this week-long camp.  We will explore fire in depth.  We will learn to make fire with many different methods including bow-drill, hand-drill, flint and steel, fire plow and more. Fire has been a friend to many.  It is at the[...]