September 23, 2017 – September 24, 2017 all-day
Ages: 14+

Building and shooting longbows has been practiced for thousands of years all over world. Bows have been used in many ways including: survival (both food gathering and protection), sport and meditation, and spiritual practice (Zen meditation). This class is a continuation of these ancient practices.

During this class, you will learn the skills to build a long bow, how to choose the wood, the tools needed and their use, how to finish the wood, and make strings. By Sunday, the bow will be ready to shoot. You will be taught the “instinctive” shooting method (this is the same method used by people who relied on the bow in their daily lives). You will leave the class with a finished bow, one arrow, and enough understanding to be able to build a bow on your own.

-OR- Choose to make a leather quiver and arrows. We will be using the traditional Welsh method of crafting arrows- we will pick shaft material, learn straightening methods, cut the nocks, cut and put on the feathers, and learn how to process full feathers putting on field points. You will make up to 6 arrows. On the second day, you will make a back quiver that will hold 12 arrows. We will use vegetable tanned cow hide for these beautiful quivers.This is great for those who have already completed the Long Bow class or who already have a bow they love. Complete your set!

Instructors: Peter Yencken has been making bows for over 15 years. He started making bows while working at Tom Browns Tracking and Wilderness Survival School. He is a guest teacher to many wilderness schools here in the US and Australia. He has taught the art of making bows to well over 500 people.

Details & Registration – Building A Wooden Long Bow -OR- Quiver and Arrows

  • Sept 23-24, 2017
  • Saturday 9am – 5pm, Sunday 9am – 4pm
  • Ages open to mature, competent 14+
  • LES Base Camp in Afton, VA (Click here to get directions)
  • $225
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