Camp Counselor’s In Training

December 30, 2016 @ 7:26 am – December 31, 2020 @ 8:26 am

The Living Earth CIT, leadership training program is an awesome opportunity for veteran campers, who love the LES programs. 

campers_gourd_blanketThis intensive leadership training will give them the skills to not only be a great camp counselor and leader, it will teach them life skills for other professional pursuits.   They will learn the ins and outs of what it takes to be a nature based mentor and leader.

There is a bond that grows amongst the CIT’s and staff that is powerful and family like. We cultivate a heartfelt village-like model of learning and experience.  In this supportive environment, they feel safe to push their edges and reach for their greater potential.  We are here to support that journey.

At Living Earth we focus on deep nature connection, mentoring, and earth skills.  We are unique in that respect.   We have a commitment to high quality programs that help individuals rise up to be leaders with a strong connection to place, the community and themselves.

The CIT’s are an important part to the health of our village ecology.  They will work together as a unit, under the mentorship of veteran staff, and be given various tasks that are essential to the camp culture as well as their own passions.

teacher_teen_boy_dry_meatCIT, leadership training areas:

  • Experienced LES staff will teach them the deeper layers of mentoring.
  • They will learn to profile the group, and learn from each other what they observe
  • They will have time to deepen their own naturalist/primitive skills
  • CIT’s will be given group challenges that will help them come together and learn how to solve natural mysteries. This builds their deep curiosity and ability to ask questions.
  • They will help with essential camp tasks Chop wood/carry water
  • They will be given an opportunity to lead a camp activity for the kids, either solo or with a partner.  They will prepare, practice and then lead.   We will support them every step of the way. And then we will debrief their experience, and grow from it.
  • They will learn how to set goals for themselves and manage their time to achieve them.

teacher_arrowsWe will train them using a lot of the activities and experiences we use to train our best staff.  We will look at what makes a healthy camp culture where the kids feel safe to be themselves, and what supports people to come alive.  We will share the LES code of conduct that our staff live by.   We will talk about the benefits of how we carry ourselves in the world, and the ripple effect that has wherever we are.

There is a lot that goes into this program, skills that will last a lifetime.  Deep down we know that teens want to contribute and be truly helpful.   We create a meaningful heartfelt experience to support this innate desire.  Though we hold a high bar for them, and we also love to have ripping fun.  This is a real place where they can test life, learn more about themselves and figure out who they are.

The LES CIT program is also valuable in that this experience carries professional recognition.  It can be used for resume’s, job applications, etc… We have written countless letters of recommendations for colleges, jobs, and more.

All this aside, this program is not for everyone. We hold a high bar at LES.  Previous CIT’s have appreciated us for expecting more from them than they thought was possible. They want to be powerful leaders that are resilient and competent.


The applicant must have attended two years of Earth Roots camp. They must be at least 14 years of age at the time of application.  They must have a genuine interest in working with younger campers, and be up for the demands of the program.

To Apply:

The Application is to be filled out by the prospective CIT (not the parents). Please email us for an application. Priority will be given to those prospective CIT’s that are able to commit to 2+ weeks.

Camp leadership trainingCost:

1 week commitment: $375

2 week commitment: $350 per week

3+ week commitment: $300 per week

Time Expectations:

They will need to arrive before the campers do, and leave after the campers do. Drop off is 8:45am on the first day of camp, and pick up is 3pm on the last day of camp. We want them involved in the weeks planning, so they can see more of the inner workings of what goes on to make our camps successful.   We know CIT’s will get more out of participating multiple times, we are highly suggesting that they commit to a 3 week run.  We know this does not work for every ones schedule, so we encourage you to apply any way.  We will give priority to those that can commit to multiple weeks.

Stay in tune with yourself. Keep checking in that you’re keeping up on sleep, personal time, etc. A happy staffer=happy campers. Find a good balance between responsibility and fun. Stay on top of your job. Keep it safe. But at the same time it’s summer camp! Do the games, get into the activities, bond with your group, and don’t think you’re too cool for school.
You have no idea how much you can learn and mature in one week when you have the right support network and an excellent task ahead of you, and on top of that it will also be some of the most fun of your life. I have made lasting friends through this CIT program, both adults and peers, and will always keep these connections. As a camper you can make friends but as a CIT you can really develop relationships. On top of that the best way to learn is through teaching, and even if you feel you might not be ready to start this part of your journey, becoming a CIT will teach you more than you could know.
Sammy D