September 9, 2017 – May 13, 2018 all-day
Ages: 18+
One weekend per month beginning Sept 2017 – May 2018

Do you want to feel more alive and connected and in the flow with life? Come learn what your long ago ancestors have known, all along!

  • Discover the time-tested practices that Living Earth have been implementing to connect people deeply with nature for the past 15 years.  These practices have been shared and honed by visionary leaders and elders from around the world.
  • Learn real skills, under the guidance of skilled instructors, who have taken thousands of people along this journey.
  • Feel supported and at home in an environment of like-minded people…….your tribe.

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Live, Learn, Laugh, Connect & Celebrate~ Together!

leaf_nine_monthJoin us:
Be a part of a growing global movement that is re-connecting with nature, empowering their lives and embracing healthy community.  As people find themselves disenfranchised with life, the “Nature Connection Movement” is building momentum because it makes sense.

Come learn and live the practices that have worked successfully for eons to bring about deep nature connection.  Building a strong connection is not random, as running a successful business or creating a healthy home life, is not random. There are successful methods that work to connect people with nature. This course is built using those successful models and practices.  They will utterly transform your life.

This is Nature Connection that really works,
honoring how we are meant to live and learn!

What will you Learn:

Orientation to the Earth~ core practices to connecting and building a deep relationship with nature, natural movement, motivating species, hazards, how to set up the ideal learning environment, and more

Wildlife Track and Sign~ how to read the signs and tracks of animals, animal forms, lessons from the animals and the deeper meanings they teach us about awareness

Plants in Human Life~ edibles, medicinals, and utilitarian uses of plants, how to integrate these wonderful allies into our daily lives, including identifying, ethical harvesting, processing, cooking and consuming

Tending the Earth~ caretaking and permaculture/ecology and Stewardship.  Humans, in balance, are caretakers of the earth.  We will learn to wield our skills and ability to help the earth heal and return to health and vitality.

Wilderness Survival Skills~ Shelter, Fire, Water, food~ Survival skills teach us the bare necessities to live on earth.  We will utilize our hands to craft from what the earth offers. These skills increase our creativity and competence, and thus build our ability to live in balance with the earth.  Once you know these skills, a peace comes over you and you feel as if you belong.

Inner tracking and Community~ at the heart of healthy community is peacemaking~ We will learn core peace principles that guide us how to best conduct ourselves in community.  We will learn to track the affects of our actions, so that we can consciously live the life we want.  We will learn community processes so that we can thrive together in a supportive environment.

Bird Language~ Learn to identify the voices of the birds and what they are telling you about the greater landscape.  The birds will transform what you can read from the landscape in more ways than you can imagine.  The birds expand our awareness of the landscape, giving us a pulse of the web of life, and will become a mirror to our own awareness.

mud_woman_in_treeSkills of the Scout~ Advanced Natural Movement to move undetected, experience the quiet mind, and move in flow with the earth~ You will become a keen observer, and use that awareness to affect positive change.  In ancient cultures, scouts were the ears and eyes of the community, protecting it from harm, and working selflessly.

What if you could access our natural blueprint developed from loving and wise elders and ancient cultures from around the world?
What if these practices helped you feel more like you belong and helped awaken some of your true essence?
What if this wisdom and these practices could help you feel more alive, tuned, relaxed, loving, present, curious, creative and full of empathy for humans, the earth and even yourself?
Imagine how life would feel!
What would be possible?
Why wouldn’t you want these?

Disconnection is one of the biggest dis-eases of our times. This epidemic in nature connection has left most of us not really knowing how to connect in meaningful ways. And yet, the media is increasingly discussing the positive affects of nature for humans.  Nature has nourished humans physically, emotionally, and spiritually since the beginning.  Deep nature connection will help you get back the life you know you deserve; it will cure the feelings of dis-connection.

Never before has such a comprehensive course like this been offered in the mid-Atlantic. This program will orient us to what the Haudenosaunee call “our original instructions”.  Our mission is to bring nature connection into your life in a powerful way, teach skills that build competence, expand your awareness, and create a thriving community of passionate students of life.   We also know that from a program like this, people feel more empowered to grab life by the horns and live fully. And as my friend Ryan Eliason says “to become an unstoppable force for good”.

If you are a single person, a parent, educator, social change leader, business person, athlete, or just someone who wants to learn more about nature, we know this course will inspire, educate and empower you, giving you relevant practices to bring into your daily life.

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Here’s how the course works:

mandala_camp_cirleEach weekend we will have a focused theme, like bird language, primitive skills, etc.  We keep a baseline of core practices running throughout each week. We gather on Saturday morning, share a little as a group about highlights from our time off.  We will then drop into the theme for the weekend.  We will share inspiring stories, important background info, and then get outside and learn by doing. We have certain tools and “best practices” to stimulate the learning environment.  Depending on the subject, we might learn where to find it, how to harvest, store, eat, and make something with what we found.  At night, we will have inspiring time fireside, sharing, music, story, and fun games.  To close the weekend, we will reflect together on what we learned, as that solidifies the experience. We will give pointers of how to take this new knowledge home, and integrate it into your life.  Often, in time between classes there are impromptu study groups.  We offer homework, and what you choose to do is up to you.  Our goal is to help you learn as much as you can, get maximum benefit, and support you on this learning journey.

We will have special guest instructors for certain weekends, and do some field trips to awesome places to expand our experience.

Nature connection is real.  It is our birth rite, to live fully, to live connected and to live in harmony with nature.  What are you waiting for?   Come join us for the LEAF  experience and come ALIVE!!!

Living Earth School is a leader in the field of deep nature connection.  There is nothing else like us.  Where a lot of programs are information focused or task oriented, we are about people and nature, curiosity and relationship.

From the simple structure of monthly camping to learning how to make and use my own tools, to tuning into and rediscovering how I move in the natural world I am a part of, this course has affected every day of my life since our first class.
This we know-

If you join LEAF you will

  • Learn a ton about your surroundings and feel oriented to your place
  • Know how to live at earth-speed
  • Know how to use your local wild allies
  • Be more community minded
  • Know thy self

Be empowered to live a life attuned to the heart.

We know that you won’t find another opportunity like LEAF.

We are a movement of people who are in love with life. Come join us!

Space is very limited for this program, once it is full, that is it. The door is closed until next time we offer this program


Hub Knott, and Erin Campbell (aka Soupy) with guest instructors including Kate Knott, Dave Perrie, and Rain Perrie

Details & Registration – Adult Nature Connnection

  • September 2017 – May 2018. One weekend a month, Saturday-Sunday.
    Dates: Sept 9-10, Oct 7-8, Nov 11-12, Dec 9-10, Jan 6-7, Feb 10-11, March 10-11, April 7-8, May 12-13
  • 9am Saturday — Sunday 3pm
  • Adults
  • Charlottesville area
  • Price:$1750 regular tuition. Discounts: Buddy Discount $1550 (for two people signing up together) Registration ends August 27
  • Accommodations:  tent space, local hotel, or stay at home
    Meals: Bring your own meals, evening potluck Saturday.  Stoves provided to help with cooking

    For an application for partial work-trade or scholarship, please email erinmaureencampbell@gmail.com. Applications are due August 13.

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Brief Story:

What Hub saw in the Bushman People upon his visit to Africa in 2011

When I went to Africa a few years back, I saw a community of the Bushman that was so deeply connected with their home landscape it was breathtaking.  They had what they call ropes of connection to all the plants, animals, insects, soils, rocks, sky, and the Creator.  They were masterfully competent with all their skills.  Each person’s gifts were honored and integrated into the community.  Though not financially rich, they were the happiest people he has ever been around and deeply rich in spirit.  It was infectious. They had processes that kept their community strong.  There were core activities that they did over and over every day that kept them vital and connected to nature and creation.  Their success as a culture, for so long, was not random, it was by thoughtful and practical design. 

This trip confirmed that a lot of the core things, that have been a part of LES since the beginning, were right on target. We have seen many people in our programs come alive with child-like curiosity, feel more love for life, develop more empathy, feel more connected, empowered, centered, and full of earthly peace.  People often comment how quiet and calm they feel in side.  A sparkle and zest for life can be seen in their eyes.  Many have mentioned how LES has transformed their lives.  Again, this is not random.  It was by design facilitated by seasoned mentors.