Moon Tribe for Girls

May 24, 2019 – May 27, 2019 all-day
Girls Ages 11 - 14

Creating A Meaningful Experience That Girls Need

Grounded in Nature
Empowered Within
Bright Lights Shining into the World

Moon Tribe for Girls is the beginning of a journey, an initiation experience to transition into young womanhood. Moon Tribe is for girls ages 11-14 years old, or any girl who is ready to embrace a vision of her womanhood. “What does it mean to be a woman?” girls will ask themselves during their Rite of Passage. “Who am I now, and who am I becoming?”


In our modern culture today, aspects of the feminine are often shrouded in shame, brushed under the rug, or twisted from true dignity. At this critical stage in their lives, girls need to be immersed in a community in which femininity is honored and explored. They need to be honored and acknowledged. They need to experience the freedom of being fully themselves with a community of women and girls who are open about all aspects of being a woman. They need an initiation, a passageway into young adulthood that is deeper than prom or getting a driver’s license. We seek to bring these meaningful ways back to our children.

Being in nature for four days is crucial to this process. Everything in nature–every tree, every rock, every deer, every flower, every sunrise–is always fully embodying itself and its gifts from the Creator. Immersed in the natural world and in a community of supportive women, these girls will lay a foundation for their womanhood built on authenticity, trust and support. We will create a safe nurturing space for each girl to explore the depths of what it means to be a woman in today’s world and to create the space for her authentic self to emerge.

Rite of Passage experiences are initiations that mark a developmental transition. Elements in Rites of Passage include:

  • Immersion in the natural world
  • Time in solitude and time in community
  • Symbolic representations
  • Expression and reflection
  • Elements of challenge
  • Being sent off and welcomed back by engaged community

Adult female mentors of all ages will be there to guide your girls. We’ll sing, play games, frolic in the creek, make art, have sharing circles, and eat delicious food.

This weekend will serve as a way for girls to not only be acknowledged by their peers, and (community), but also serves as a stepping stone for self acceptance and knowing their place/stage in the journey of life. It will help create empowered young woman who are solid in who they are.

moon_0215_girl_womanOur Intentions:

  • To create a supportive and trusting community that honors each girl’s unique self at this powerful time of change and uncertainty, which will allow her to stand stronger in who she is in the future.
  • To invite girls to go deeper, to reflect and vision on who she is becoming.
  • To share wisdom and stories and help the girls discover the beauty, mystery and joy of the feminine, of their cycle, of the mystery that is womanhood.
  • To allow mothers and daughters to truly see each other, to open the dialogue between them so they can stand hand in hand and on common ground as they embark on this journey together.

Details & Registration – The Moon Tribe

  • Girls Ages 11 – 14, or any girl beginning her moontime/menstruation (Kate and Erin will be in contact to help you discern if your girl is ready)

  • Memorial Day Weekend, 2019.
  • Friday at 6 pm – and through Monday 3pm. There is a celebratory potluck and final ceremony with the mothers from noon to 3pm on Monday.
  • Donation based- please contact us for more details
  • Mothers, by signing your girl up, you are also committing to being intimately involved. You will be coming to an information meeting before the event, assisting your girls to find an anchor and supporters, helping her reflect on why she is coming, and acknowledging and working through any resistance she has (which is normal!). You’ll be donating food or volunteering to cook either on-site or preparing food beforehand. Feel free to contact us for more details on the time and effort we ask of you and your girl. Rite of Passage requires full, joyful commitment of both mother and daughter, and it is worth it! 

    Rites of Passage are a sacred birthright, so though the program costs about $200 per girl, we gratefully accept any amount above or below that. We realize that some are able to give more and some will give less. Our staff (a team of about eight committed women) generously donate their time that weekend, but there are still costs: food, insurance, facility rental, supplies, administration. Search your heart and discern what generous donation you can make to ensure that we can continue to offer these programs to girls and women for years to come.