September 25, 2016 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Adults (with exceptions)
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This class will open up the world of local wild foods that grow right within your own yard and near by. 

It is amazing~there is tasty wild food growing right outside your door!  Its really quite simple and our expert guide will give you everything you need to know to take the mystery out of wild foods and bring in the tasty and practical. We are surrounded by such an abundance of green plant allies that are packed with flavor, nutrition, and beauty.  If we care for them, they will continue to be abundant into the future.

In this class, you will be guided by expert wildcrafter Rain and taste the wild abundance right at your fingertips.  Come learn what  you can eat, basic plant i.d., advanced i.d. for those that want it, harvest basketfuls, and then gather to cultivate them into tasty offerings and cook them over the fire.  If the timing is right, we will likely forage for the ever elusive morel mushroom!  Sure to be a feast for the senses, mind, and taste buds!!!  Add a little local flavor to your meals, connect with the earth in a more intimate way, and go home with skills that will feed you and your family and friends.


Wild Edible Plants Woods Ramble, Exploring Wild Ginseng

Sun Oct. 23 from 10-4 

Due to high demand and popularity of our Wild Edible Plant classes, we are opening a new offering. This class is only open to 12 people and will fill fast.

Join Rain and her husband Dave for this exciting offering into the world of wild plants and getting to better know Wild Ginseng. We will explore the season of fall, identify, harvest and prepare a truly delicious gourmet feast together over the open fire. We will ramble the woods exploring the season of autumn, discussing woodland medicinals, their uses, and properties. The highlight that makes these classes so magical is the delicious feast that is created together. Imagine sautéed nettles drenched in butter, wild harvested butternut rolled chocolate truffles, and other woodland delicacies.

Expert wild crafter, Dave Rain has been living with and off the land reciprocally for 30 years and has been in relationship with wild ginseng for over 20 years. In this time he has been planting ginseng in its natural habitat, helping it thrive and spread its reaches into the greater Appalachians. Join Dave on a broader conversation of the plant communities and ecology of our local forests and get to see through the eyes of someone who lives this way.

Ginseng is a traditional Appalachian herb that has become famous and is now rare in our forests, due to over harvesting. Participants will join in on planting wild ginseng and helping the plants legacy live on. Each participant will also go home with a few seeds to spread as well.

Details & Registration – Wild Edible Plants

  • September 25, 2016; October 23, 2016; November 20, 2016; April 29, 2017; or April 30, 2017
  • 10am – 4pm
  • Adults (can make exceptions for mature, 13+ that already have a passion and experience in working with plants)
  • LES Base Camp in Afton, VA (Click here to get directions)
  • $65 for September, November, and April classes/$75 for October class
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