Youth Summer Camps in Charlottesville, VA


Living Earth Day Camps are for boys and girls ages 7-12. These camps are a unique opportunity for children to truly connect with nature in a safe, nurturing environment.
This year we have also added summer camp weeks for ages 5-6!

2017 Day Camps:

Jun 12 – Aug 18 all-day Ages: 7 - 12
Voted the #1 Day Camp in Charlottesville! The Living Earth Day Camps are a one-of-a-kind nature camp experience. We have been voted a favorite summer day camp for over 7 years!!  We will spend the week exploring the mountains, streams and other wild places. Campers work together in small groups learning about the natural world,[...]
Jun 12 – Jun 16 all-day Ages: 8 - 13
This has been a long time dream of Living Earth and we are so happy to expand the power of nature connection to a broader reach. Please join us! Willow Tree camp is a one-of-a-kind nature camp experience, designed to connect campers on the autism spectrum to nature in a profound and meaningful way. Nature[...]
Jun 19 – Aug 11 all-day Ages: 5 - 6
It is now time to have little Living Earth-lings join us for Summer Camp! Do you long to have your younger child connected and at home in the natural world?  We’ve been having parents ask for years, so here it is! Come join the Skipping Stones for fun, first-hand adventures in nature, with caring nature mentors. Our[...]

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We offer several different overnight camps for boys and girls, ages 8-17 years old. Earth Roots is our foundation overnight camp, emphasizing connection with nature thru earth skills, like shelter building, making fire by rubbing sticks and harvesting wild edible plants. We also offer a Teen River Trip, advanced camps for specific skills/projects (Fire Tenders, Archers, and Wood/Leather/Metal), Way of the Scout, and Advanced Way of the Scout.

2017 Residential / Overnight Camps:

Jun 18 – Aug 18 all-day Ages: 8+
Earth Roots is our foundation overnight camp, designed for both new and returning campers.  Get back to your roots and learn the philosophy of living close to nature, wilderness survival, and nurture your connection to the earth.  We will explore the surrounding forests, swim in mountain streams, as we discover more about the magical world[...]
Jun 25 – Jun 30 all-day Ages 11+
Have you dreamed of making and shooting your own handmade bow and arrow? This is for real and this is your chance to do it! 1 year of Earth Roots is a prerequisite for this overnight camp. This is a camp that has been requested over the years.  There is a limited amount of space in[...]
Jul 23 – Jul 28 all-day Ages 11+
This camp is for campers who have been to Earth Roots for 2 years. Way of the Scout is a super exciting adventure that challenges campers to grow and push their limits in healthy ways. Scout camp is never the same and each year offers new adventures for campers year after year. The Way of[...]
Jul 23 – Jul 28 all-day Ages 13+
Campers must have completed 1 year of Way of the Scout previously. This camp will take a small group of advanced campers to the next edge, adventuring and bonding as a team-unit.  The word is out, can you “Shadow Scout”, or would you rather just blend in to your surroundings and be unseen?  All kinds[...]
Jul 28 – Jul 30 all-day Ages 8+ with accompanying adult
This Weekend Camp is designed for families.  Have you dreamed of making and shooting your own handmade bow and arrow, let alone making one with your child? What a gift to be able to do this together and to cultivate this shared skill as a family.  This is for real and this is your chance[...]
Jul 30 – Aug 4 all-day Ages: 12+
This camp is for campers who have attended at least one year of Earth Roots. In this week-long camp.  We will explore fire in depth.  We will learn to make fire with many different methods including bow-drill, hand-drill, flint and steel, fire plow and more. Fire has been a friend to many.  It is at the[...]
Aug 7 – Aug 12 all-day Ages 11+
Make your own knife and sheath and leather backpack or shoes! 1 year of Earth Roots is a prerequisite for this overnight camp. Come join in on this BRAND NEW Living Earth Camp! Soon to be a camper favorite!  Come get your hands in gear making your own stainless steel knife with sheath, and a pair of[...]


2017 Teen Expedition Programs:

Jun 24 – Jun 30 all-day Ages: 13+
Come spend a magical week on a wild river in Virginia! This camp is for campers who have attended at least one year of Earth Roots.  Our special week will flow like a river. We will carry all our needs in our canoes, explore, swim, and more.  We will cover expedition planning, canoe stroke techniques, and water[...]