February 17, 2016 – January 31, 2024 all-day

One-of-a-kind, Meaningful Adventures for your 8th Grade Graduation Trip.

Check out the great synergy that we blend with Waldorf philosophy into our dynamic, heart-centered, wilderness expeditions.

We can help you with your 8th grade graduation trips.   We run quality programs that are filled with fun, adventure and also honor the individual.   You will find that our pricing is a better value than most outfits, and the quality is high.   There are a variety of programs we can offer- expedition style or base camp.

Available Offerings include:

  • Backpacking
  • River canoe trip
  • Beach time
  • Base camp nature connection
  • Wilderness Survival skills
  • Solo’s
  • Rites of Passage
  • AND much more!

We have found these offerings to be super popular with Waldorf kids, as a lot of our summer camp students are from Waldorf.  They can be interwoven throughout to create an inspiring experience.  Whittling is always popular, as are fire-based activities.  We are about having fun, and making nature comfortable and inspiring. Our goal is to meet the kids where they are, and run with it. Each day involves what we call  “the core routines”- which are activities that when repeated lead to deep nature connection.

We like to empower kids to be pro-active and to work together as a team.  We find that getting the kids directly involved with their own camp set up and cook teams, lets the kids have a real sense of ownership and independence, and team unity in the program. On expeditions we sleep in tents, at our base we have cabins and tent platforms.  Our food is mostly organic, and we strive to get food from good sources and local where possible.   Our policy is not to serve what we wouldn’t want to eat at home.  That being said, it is kid friendly.   We can meet almost any dietary restrictions and food allergy needs.

We are not your run of the mill outfitter, we offer something different based on quality, integrity and connection. Our 8th grade expeditions serve as a launching pad for students to excel forward into their lives. Come experience the magic!

To Learn More, call or email us for details and pricing. 

“The Living Earth School offers a rich, meaningful program for the rising eighth grade student.  The activities are challenging yet accessible for all levels of nature expertise.  At the end of the eighth grade year, a class benefits from a team building adventure but also a time to have fun together and celebrate the closing chapter of their lives.  LES understands this goal and puts together a program that allows for play, as well as more serious talks that assist the students in thinking about upcoming challenges they may face.  The leaders are wise and inspiring and create a sense of comfort for the teens.  The students appreciate being spoken to as young adults and also recognized as still being kids who need guidance.  All plans for lodging and food were well organized and of high quality.  LES has a serious attitude regarding the outcome of the trip as far as the students’ experience and work to meet a high standard each day of the trip.  For the class teacher, the trip allows an opportunity for the teacher to participate but not necessarily lead, to stand aside and observe students and also play along with them.  It is a great time for teacher to meet students on a similar level before the teacher sends them off into a new stage of life.  I highly recommend LES as program guides for Waldorf eighth grade trips.” 

- Karen (8th grade Charlottesville, Va Waldorf Teacher)