June 1, 2016 – June 3, 2016 all-day
Ages: 18+
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From the beginning of time, our brains have been deeply patterned on nature.

mandala_camp_cirleDid you ever feel like learning was hard or even painful,
and that something was missing?
Would you like to learn a more natural approach to learning
that engages with life?

This we know – learning can be naturally fun, the student can feel honored for where they are, and feel the draw to learn from within. People have a powerful gift.  What holds them back is mentoring and lack of support.  Nature-based mentoring is at the core of this model.

The coyote mentoring highlighted in this workshop is at the core of Living Earth Schools nature-based mentoring, and is what makes our programs so special.

LEARN the ages and stages of growth, the natural cycle of learning, how to support an individuals journey, and to profile for success.

EXPERIENCE some of the most valuable mentoring techniques to be found.
This ancient practice has been around since humans have walked on earth, it is how we are designed to learn.

GATHER with a community of like-minded folks who also want to engage with life and be of service, and return to a more natural way of learning.

BE GUIDED by a group of experienced mentors who have worked and taught coyote mentoring principles for years to hundreds if not thousands of people.

home_hands_fireCoyote mentoring emphasizes a powerful heart-centered journey of growth and discovery for the student.  It values long term relationships over short term ones.  It centers around the students passions, hands-on experience, figuring things out for oneself, walking to the edge of ones comforts, and the transitions periods of ones life.   It encourages the student to step fully into their life, to take personal responsibility for it, and to work from a place of selflessness.  All the while, the mentor’s role is largely invisible

Curiosity leads to Passion, which leads to Vision

Join us:
Be a part of a growing force of people who seek a more holistic way of learning, which honors nature, the individual and the creative life force. This is a collective group that knows true education is more about the love of learning, the experience and connection, than the load of information.  Science is beginning to show what we innately know to be true.

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What you will learn:

  • The natural flow learning cycle
  • The principles of coyote mentoring and how to apply them
  • The influence of brain patterning
  • Hands-on training by engaging in activities so you can see it in action
  • The gift of storytelling to teach and inspire others
  • Learn core routines found throughout the world that ground students in their senses and expand awareness.
  • The attributes that arise from effective coyote mentoring

Become inspired and empowered
to make a difference in the world

Coyote's GuideToday, people are feeling more and more disconnected in all aspects of their lives.  And it has come with a serious loss of connection and a weakened spirit.  The ripple affect of this is quite prevalent in our world today.

If we restore connections, it is shown to lead to greater respect of self, community, and nature.

If you are a single person, a parent, educator, social change leader, business person, athlete, or just someone who wants to learn more about mentoring, we know this course will inspire, educate and empower you. It will give you relevant tools to apply this coyote mentoring model into your daily life. This weekend class is a must for anyone who wants to become more involved in re-generating a culture that hones each persons gifts, supports a more heart centered way of life and nurtures connection to the natural world.

coyote_mentoring0412Launch into summer with this inspirational and renewing weekend.
Spend time with an awesome group of people, in a beautiful setting against the Blue Ridge mountains, with forest and river.  It is an amazing spot.  We will laugh and have fun, as life and learning should be.  We will eat wonderful food, mostly organic, and much of it is sourced locally.

Come dive into the world of Coyote Mentoring~
and welcome yourself home to a way of learning and
living that is connected and engaged with life.

We are a movement of people who are in love with life. Come join us!

Space is limited for this course.  If you are interested, please sign up now.

Class is taught by the Co-Founders of Living Earth School, Hub and Kate Knott, and Soupy-Erin Campbell

Details & Registration – Coyote Mentoring

  • TBA
  • Adults 18+ (there may be exceptions for very mature 16+ who have been through LES programs)
  • Located in Sugar Hollow along a beautiful river, 20 minutes west of Charlottesville, VA.  (get directions)
  • $195. Register Now to get the discounted early bird rate as price increases to $225 after May 20th
  • Includes yummy organic food and basic camping. Please eat dinner before arriving on Friday evening.
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