Nature Homeschool Programs

homeschool_girl_reading_natureAt Living Earth School, Nature is our classroom and our skilled nature mentors are the guides.  You won’t find another program like ours out there.  A lot of programs talk about nature connection, but don’t always leave the student feeling deeply connected and engaged with nature. We have found that our outdoor classroom really makes learning real and goes far beyond information learning, but gives students the direct experience of seeing and knowing things first hand, all in a community setting.  This form of education (we call “deep nature connection”) takes learning to a whole new level.

We offer our Nature Studies weekly programs, Spring and Fall in Charlottesville for ages 7-17 and in Goochland for ages 7-17.  Below you will find our upcoming programs and details.

2020 Homeschool Programs:

Sep 1 – Oct 3 all-day Ages 7 - 14
Ease your kids back into fall school time with a three-day project-based outdoor learning camp! Your child might create a lever system out of rocks and sticks to move a weight from point A to point B…or write poetry in iambic pentameter while sitting on a downed log over the creek…or create a nature experiment[...]
Sep 15 – Nov 17 all-day Ages 7+
The Living Earth School is super excited to be bringing our home school nature connection programs to the Goochland / Richmond area. This is an opportunity for homeschoolers to come together in a community setting and learn about the natural world, themselves, and each other, through earth-based mentoring. We’ve made such great connections and had[...]
Sep 16 – Dec 2 all-day Ages 7+
The Living Earth School offers homeschool nature studies programs in the Charlottesville and Goochland/Richmond, Virginia area. The programs are offered in the Spring and Fall for ages 7 and up. Groups will divided according to age and experience level, and will be guided by a skilled mentor. Get your homeschoolers Nature Connected, under the guided[...]
Sep 17 – Nov 19 all-day Ages 7+
The Living Earth School is super excited to be bringing our home school nature connection programs to the Waynesboro/Staunton/Harrisonburg area. We’ll be romping around the beautiful land of Malcoms Market Garden in Staunton, which has wide, shallow creeks to explore, ridge-top meadows of wildflowers, and forested hillsides to climb. This is an opportunity for homeschoolers[...]
Jan 6 – Feb 10 all-day Ages 8+
Winter Homeschool will not be offered in 2020. If survival and living off the land is your thing, then join us for some Wintery Homeschool Adventures and put your skills to the test! Get outside and enjoy the beauty of the season with The Living Earth School.    Our homeschool programs build confidence,  competence and skills,[...]