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Residential / Overnight Nature Camps for Kids


Voted the #1 Residential Camp in Charlottesville!

Imagine a place where the modern fast-paced world is left behind…

A journey back into the natural world… Slow down, swim in a mountain stream, build things with your hands, all within a new circle of friends.

The campfire Welcomes You!

At Living Earth Camps, we give each camper the attention they need to follow their passions, to connect with nature and each other. We have some of the best staff on the planet. The campers come first because they should. We serve mostly organic kid-friendly food, that the kids rave about. We buy from our local farms when ever we can. At our mountain camp, we try to keep life simple, natural, full of learning and laughter.

Our residential / overnight camps include:

  • Tracking Wild Animals
  • Making Fire By Friction
  • Awareness Skills / Games
  • Learning Edible & Medicinal Plants
  • Safe Water Gathering
  • Spoon & Bowl Making
  • Adventuring / Exploring
  • Building Natural Shelters
  • Wilderness Philosophy
  • Discovering the Language of the Forest
  • Natural History
  • Learning Earth Based Crafts
  • Stories / Songs / Community Building / Campfire Cooking
  • Swimming
  • Team building / Communication
  • and so much more!

Living Earth Camps are in the shadows of Shenandoah National Park, nestled in the mountains amongst forest, field, and river.  A natural paradise with a lifetime worth of learning and exploration.  The Living Earth Summer Camps are conveniently located in Sugar Hollow, just 20 minutes outside of Charlottesville, VA.  The overnight camps begin at 2PM and end at noon the final day.

We offer several different overnight camps for boys and girls, ages 8-17 years old. Earth Roots is our foundation overnight camp, emphasizing connection with nature thru earth skills, like shelter building, making fire by rubbing sticks and harvesting wild edible plants.

Earth Roots is a prerequisite for the other overnight camps. Fire Tenders requires one year of Earth Roots, and Way of the Scout requires two years. Teen River Expedition requires one year.

2019 Residential / Overnight Camps:

Jun 23 – Aug 10 all-day Ages: 8+
Earth Roots is our foundation overnight camp, designed for both new and returning campers.  Get back to your roots and learn the philosophy of living close to nature, wilderness survival, and nurture your connection to the earth.  We will explore the surrounding forests, swim in mountain streams, as we discover more about the magical world[...]
Jun 30 – Jul 5 all-day Ages 11+
Have you dreamed of making and shooting your own handmade bow and arrow? This is for real and this is your chance to do it! 1 year of Earth Roots is a prerequisite for this overnight camp. This is a camp that has been requested over the years.  There is a limited amount of space in[...]
Jul 21 – Jul 26 all-day Ages 13+
Campers must have completed 1 year of Way of the Scout previously to be in the Advanced Scout group. This camp will take a small group of advanced campers to the next edge, adventuring and bonding as a team-unit. While first-time Scout campers are just dipping their toes in, Advanced Scout walks the edges more,[...]
Jul 21 – Jul 26 all-day Ages 12+
Way of the Scout is for campers who have been to at least one Earth Roots overnight camp, plus either a second Earth Roots or another LES overnight camp. Just once every two years, instructors from all over the country and even some from overseas come to Sugar Hollow to collaborate on our Way of[...]
Aug 5 – Aug 10 all-day Ages 11+
In this overnight camp, kids will learn to make their own flat blade hatchet and knife. We will learn to craft metal using annealed carbon steel and shaping the blades using files. After blades are finished, we will heat treat them using a primitive forge. Hardening first and quenching then tempering to soften enough so[...]